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Lacquer: Did you Know??

Did you know that this photo below of the Lac Bug (Kerria Lacca) and it's resin is responsible for modern day lacquers including nail polish? Shellac is an insect resin secreted by the Lac Bug: the very small red parasitic bug attaches itself to small varieties of trees in India and Southeast Asia. The insect feeds on the sap of the trees, and secretes "Lac" as a protective shell in which the female lays its eggs. This lac or "resin" is collected, and can then be mixed with a variety of solvents (including methyl hydrate) to produce shellac. Shellac in the painting industry is used for a number of things including: stain blocking and clear coating over wood surfaces. The resin in modern day lacquers is modelled after the performances of shellac, and in turn, thanks in essence to the lac bug. Thank you Lac Bug!! #acryluxpainting #paintingtips #paintinginfo #professionalpainters #painterscalgary

Lac Bug

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