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The effect of colour on your psyche

Did you know that colours can have a huge impact on your emotions? It's true - for instance in the restaurant industry, you may see a lot of red.

Red is known to stimulate and excite, and relates closely to passion and energy.

In relation to food: It enhances the appetite; therefore would be a great colour for your dining area.

Example: Red is the most common and effective colour used in the food industry.

When you look at many food corporations or fast-food chains, the majority will have red in either their logo or variations of their brand essence. When you think food and the colour red you may associate it with tender meat, a juicy strawberry or even a sweet candy. Your mouth may just be watering right now.

Exceptions to the rule: Because red is such an intense colour it does happen to cause reaction much quicker than any other colour, causing impulse or urgent response. It has been tested that red table cloths will actually make a person eat more, but use the colour cautiously since too much of a good thing can be harmful.

For homes, we all want to feel safe, comfortable and welcomed. Think about how certain colours make you feel; is it happy, sad, angry or tranquil? When painting your home, try to think about colour in this way - what makes you happy and what do you want to try to bring to your home and more importantly; how do the colours impact or influence your mood? Just because a colour could be extremely trendy at this moment, does not necessarily mean it is right for your home.

In order to get more of a feel for your likes and dislikes, looking at home improvement magazines or show homes could be a huge source of inspiration for you.

Some of the colours that evoke feelings of calm are light blues, light peaches or corals, or dusky muted hues of lavender. Therefore, light blues or lavenders in your bedroom makes for a peaceful, restful oasis.

Greens, on the other hand, tell us a story about nature and restfulness. It immediately brings us to a place in time of the outdoors, forests, or mountains; all of which make us feel happy and content. Green has a quality about it that helps people relax, and invites unwinding as well as warmth.

Like yellows? Even thinking about yellow makes us smile: it is warm, sunny, and exciting. It is also very energizing and uplifting, making it a great choice for kitchens, or bathrooms.

No matter the colour you prefer, remember that there is no "wrong" choice when it comes to your home: it is all in the way colour makes you feel, and when you are at home in your place of restfulness and your "oasis" - it should make you feel welcomed at the end of a long day.

We would love to help you paint or repaint your home to create those feelings for you: Give us a call!

Acrylux Ptg & Dec Ltd: "Creating Beautiful Homes & Businesses through colour"


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